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Change & letting go...

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

It's ok, I have some words that may help you in the process.

Sometimes to make space for our desires & intentions in life, we need to let go of what is not serving us any longer, and for all sorts of reasons (nostalgia, fears, scarcity mindset, I could go on...) this can be difficult for us & cause some anxiety.

🍂 I'm here today to tell you it's ok if you're worried, but I want you to go and do it anyway!

🍂 Change is the only constant in life for every living thing on this planet & beyond.

🍂 Stagnation is often a breeding ground for low energy and depression.

🍂 Visualise: how will it feel to reap those future fruits, as a result of loosing the old?

Revel in the beauty of letting go, be grateful for what has already served its purpose, and continue on your way to better things.

Hazel x

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