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are you ready to start creating meaningful change in your life? 

How do I know if coaching is for me?

Coaching is for everyone and the fact you're here reading this, re-affirms this for us both.

Here's some examples of how my coaching can help you break free of the frustration, worry and trepidation around your current situation and create the deep, meaningful change you desire.

  • Clarify your personal goals & aspirations

  • Uncover the blocks that are stopping you taking action

  • Build the confidence to take the next steps.

  • Overcome overthinking & procrastination

  • Rediscover your self-worth & connect with your purpose

  • Commit to a brighter, happier future you

I offer a free no-obligation Starter Session so you can get a taste of what coaching has to offer, ask questions and determine if I am the right coach for you.

The first step is the only one I can't support you with...and that's committing to change and hitting 'Book your free session' on this page right now.

From there, I've got your back all the way!

People like you come to me for coaching for many different reasons, however they all have one thing in common.

They're feeling frustrated with their current situation and deep down know they can be better... if only they had the confidence, support & resources.

Be it your career, relationships, self-confidence or a mix of all three, I am confident that coaching can help you transform your life in a meaningful way.


meet your coach

I'm Hazel, founder of The Change Chapter and a certified Life & Career Coach on a mission to help others to discover their purpose, find career happiness and create truly meaningful change in their lives.

Whilst much of my client work revolves around careers, I prefer not to call myself a Careers Coach. Why? Because I believe that to be truly happy with anything you spend a third of your life working towards, you need to understand & be confident in who you are and what your purpose is... and you're not going to find that in a job description, company profile or LinkedIn.

Trust me, I've looked.

I've been where you are right now... three times in fact! It's taken me a while to get where I am now, living a life by my own design and being true to my own personal values, so it wouldn't be fair for me to tell you that it's easy and that you won't feel like you've failed at some point along the way. You probably will. 

But what I do know is that staying stuck and not having the self belief to pursue your dreams & desires will make you feel anything but successful and often feels like failure in itself.

Your confidence comes from your experiences and creating change.

Make the next change meaningful for YOU.


Certified and trusted by...


what's included?

Whether you're in need of a short, sharp re-boot to get you focused on your goals & back on track, or a longer process of creating clarity for yourself before taking action, all my coaching packages include these core elements to ensure you are getting the most from your investment.

what else should I expect?

I don't have all the answers

I'm not here to tell you what to feel, think or do. I may offer a different perspective, assist you in reframing a belief or help you brainstorm some ideas if we decide that would be helpful for you, but you're always in the drivers seat when it comes to our sessions.

tears are normal

Whilst this isn't therapy, sometimes it can be helpful to discuss your past or how you're feeling in relation to your current situation to help us discover what needs to happen to move you forward.  Understandably this can stir up some emotion and that's totally ok.

come as you are!

It's important for you to know that you're in a judgement free zone in whatever respect you decide to work with me, everything we discuss is completely confidential and I won't ask you to talk about anything you don't want to.

this is a no bullshit zone

Sometimes in session the monkey-mind can take over, throwing over-thinking, procrastination & limiting beliefs into the mix, stopping us from progressing.  My promise to you is that if I hear this, I'll gently call that monkey out for it's games so we can get you back on track!

I've got your back.

Sometimes this work can get uncomfortable and you may realise you need to do something that feels a tad scary.  Support and accountability is a speciality of mine so I'll be helping you to build your confidence & cheering you along the whole way.


The best results for my clients are achieved through a course of coaching sessions as this provides the space and accountability needed both within & outside of sessions to explore and create the most meaningful change for them.

I also offer individual sessions and can create bespoke programmes if the below doesn't suit your needs, and these can both be discussed in your starter session.


Best for exploring what coaching can offer.

Gain insight on your strengths & values, discover what is stopping your progress and leave ready to take action.

  • One-off

  • Single 1hr session

  • Introductory Questionnaire

  • 2 weeks access to me for support & accountability after the session

  • £50 off coaching programmes.*


* When you sign up to Discover Your Direction or The Change Chapter programmes within 30 days.


Best for career change.

Clarify & define your aspirations, overcome the self-sabotage that is halting your progress and regain control of your future.

  • 2-month programme

  • 6 x 1hr personal sessions

  • Introductory Questionnaire

  • Weekly access to me for support & accountability between sessions

  • Free Starter Session (worth £99)

  • Free Revisit & Reflect Session upon completion (worth £99).


or 2 payments of £250


Best for a complete mindset overhaul.

Unlock & understand your purpose, reconnect to your joy and find the confidence to create meaningful change across all areas of your life.

  • 4 month programme

  • 12 x 1hr personal sessions

  • Introductory Questionnaire

  • Weekly access to me for support & accountability between sessions

  • Free Starter session (worth £99)

  • Free Revisit & Reflect Session upon completion (worth £99)

  • Free Mid-chapter Check In Session (worth £99)

  • Free Daily Greatness Journal to support your journey (worth £40).


Payment plans from £250 per month

"We established in our first session that I really wanted to leave my job but I was constrained by what other people thought, particularly my parents. As a result of our sessions together Hazel really helped me gain the confidence to know that it was the right thing for me and I have handed in my notice. I'm really excited for my next chapter and know that I can find something that's going to give me more fulfilment."





Explore and clarify your life & career aspirations, overcome your mental saboteurs and build the confidence to start making it a reality.

sound good?

To apply for one of these coaching programmes, book your free starter session below and begin your journey in a new direction.

This call will last up to 60 minutes and will help you clarify what step one towards your next life chapter is, plus it gives you a chance to ask questions and get a feel for my coaching style before committing to the course - there's no hard sell or obligation to join if you feel it's not for you, so what have you got to loose?

If you are booking a single Clarify Your Calling session, please click the button below to make payment before booking your call.

Book Starter Session
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