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It's all 'bout the money (blocks!)

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Constantly feeling stressed about your finances? Does your wealth (or lack of) constantly seem to be impacting every area of your life? You're not the only one...

Our relationship with the moolah is a complex one and our beliefs around it tend to sneak into other areas of our life where they have absolutely no place being; if you're in a romantic relationship, you've no doubt experienced at some point thoughts surrounding who's paying for what and what that means in regards to your own value or the value of the relationship. To make matters worse, it can be so taboo to talk about that we'd rather be left wondering, assuming the worst, rather than asking questions and getting to the bottom of what's bothering us.

Our relationship with money is so often inextricably linked to our sense of value & worth, that it can be hard to decipher what's what... and that's where a coach can come in handy! 😊

I could talk for days about this even though I have A LOT of my own work to do around this subject, but if you're interested in delving into your own relationship with money a bit further, I can recommend this book as a good starting place.

You're welcome.

Hazel x

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