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Hate mood boards? You're probably doing them wrong...

If you hate mood boards, you're probably doing them wrong...

Mood boards are fantastic visual tools and representations of our desires and goals, and importantly can tell us a lot more about ourselves than we realise.

When we say we're lacking direction and don't know what we want, we're often...

* Overthinking the situation

* Disconnected from our worth

* Trying to find intuitive answers using logic & rationale.

It's in these moments that we need to get out of our heads and engage with our creative, playful side, so we can access "new" information - information that already exists inside of us, but has perhaps been buried by fears, limiting beliefs and judgement.

Creating a mood board does just that by taking our mind off the bigger picture and the pressures that come with it, and allowing us to create something abstract from our intuition and what WE DO know.

My top tips for creating a mood board are:

1. Get yourself in the mood... 💜 This is all about feeling! Go for a walk, do some meditation or yoga, listen to an inspiring podcast, burn some incense and light some candles - do whatever inspires you before you start to ensure you're primed for receiving your own great wisdom! If you're distracted and feeling agitated, it makes sense that you're not going to be able to create something that represents your biggest, happiest self and the goals that come with being that person.

2. Have everything you need around you because you don't want to interrupt your flow because you're out of glue (YOU ALWAYS NEED MORE GLUE). And yes, I recommend the tactile method of cutting & gluing from a range of magazines because there's nothing like it to get out of your head and your own way. By searching for specific images of things 'you want' you're using only the most superficial level your awareness

3. Whilst flicking through imagery , keep the vision and feeling of already having what you want in the front of your mind and choose any images that evoke that feeling within you. Don't second guess it. Don't worry about how it will look, why you picked that image and whether it 'fits'. Decide to take whatever you're called to, knowing there will be the opportunity to refine this later on.

4. When you've got a good pile of cuttings, it's time to start filtering through the images and deciding what will make the final cut. Lay everything out in front of you and I'm sure you'll start to see patterns - maybe you randomly tore out pictures of a feather, a banged up car and an empty house, which seemed random at the time but you now see these all represent freedom to you. This is the beauty of this task; it's the perfect tool for allowing your subconscious mind to communicate to you.

At this point, it's ok to get rid of things that don't seem to fit. Spend some time arranging and fixing the rest to your blank board of choice.

5. Take a photo of your finished mood board using your phone and save the image as your screensaver, so you see it every time you pick your phone up 👀 Manifestation starts with a vision; a vision that you're inspired to take small, meaningful actions on every day, so it helps to remind yourself of your desires daily.

I hope these tips & tricks help move you into alignment with your greater self and inspire a fabulous goal setting session!

Let me know if you found this helpful and any other guidelines you use when mood boarding.

Hazel x

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